I have mentioned before that I love a good theme.  So I had lots of fun contributing to my friend’s daughter’s first birthday party.  The theme, Woodland!  At first I really had no clue what that was, ha.  But a quick search on pinterest revealed it was a popular one!  She knew what she wanted for the cookies and cupcake toppers, but I got to surprise her with my mini smash cake!

First off, I need to figure out lighting for taking pictures at night!  I can’t always take photos during the day, and now that we’ve entered winter dark cold and gloom that feels like it will never end, it can be so dark during the day!  I need to figure something out that doesn’t cost too much.  So please excuse the bad lighting!

First off the cookies! Soft, sophisticated winter woodland.  I free handed all of the cookies except for the deer where I used my kopykake projector.  While the icing was still wet, I dusted sugar over some of the white icing, most noticeable on the snow of the evergreen tree.

Woodland Sugar CookiesWoodland Sugar Cookies Woodland Sugar Cookies Woodland Sugar Cookies
Next are the fondant toppers for the mini cupcakes. I piped the arrows with royal icing. I’m going to look past the fact that they were placed on store bought cupcakes 😉

Woodland Fondant Toppers Woodland Cupcakes
Finally, the cake! I am still new to doing cakes, and I have a lot to learn, but I had lots of fun making this one!  First of all, how cute is it?!
Peach Mini SmashcakeI bought a 4 inch circular baking pan and I just love the size. I foresee many mini cakes in my future! Usually I like to cover cakes with marshmallow fondant, but as this was a smash cake, that would not work.  (Smash cakes need to result in an icing covered face!)  Wanting to try something new, I decided to do an ombré cake.  I quartered my icing recipe and divided into four parts. Using Americolor Terracotta I dyed the buttercream three different shades. Also, I added Americolor bright white to the remaining butter cream to make it a little less yellow and more white.  With my remaining fondant from the toppers, I made flowers. I just LOVE how it turned out.  And so did the birthday girl!

Peach Mini Smashcake Mini Smashcakewoodland-8
And to finish this post, here are some pictures of the other goodies in case you are looking for more ideas for you own Woodland party!  I did not make any of these, but had fun eating them!! I may or may not have had 6 chocolate covered marshmallows…
Woodland Birthday Party Woodland Birthday Party Woodland Birthday Party Woodland Birthday Party Woodland Birthday Party Woodland Birthday Party Woodland Birthday Party
Thanks for reading!

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