With Father’s Day approaching in Canada, I thought it would be a good time to share some cookies I made for 2 different fathers!  The occasion wasn’t for father’s day, but rather their birthdays.  But these custom cookies would also make a great father’s day present.

The first set was for my car loving father in law! I had lots of fun creating some of his favourite car brands. Is the brand the right word? I don’t know cars…

Car Logos Cookies Car Logos Cookies Car Logos Cookies

The second set of cookies was for a friend’s surprise 30th birthday.  He LOVES the Toronto Argo’s. Like LOVES!  As you can tell by the cookies they are a football team 😉

Football Cookies Football Cookies

I do plan to do some cookies for Father’s Day soon and make a video on my youtube channel.  If you notice I’m been quiet here, I’m been quite busy on youtube and instagram.  So if you want to see my weekly videos, make sure you subscribe to my channel!  I love documenting my cookies, but I don’t have the gift of writing!  I have so many cookies that I need to update on this blog, but if you can’t wait that long make sure you are following me on instagram (bakingwithbest)!

Thank you for reading!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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