Toy Story Party

Toy Story time!!

I’ve been planning this party for 6 months. And likely so has my son! He’s been a bit shafted in the party department for the last few years. So for his 5th, I wanted to do something special!

My boy loves Toy Story! We rented an indoor play ground, so besides getting a toy story table cloth, plates and napkins, I didn’t do anything decoration wise.  I let the food be the decoration!

So on to the sweets! If you’ve browsed my blog, you would have noticed I like things to look real. I don’t like doing a character unless it looks exactly like the character. In my pre googling I found toy story fondant toppers (my usual go to) just didn’t look right to me. Yes you could tell it was Buzz, but it wasn’t perfect enough for me. I’m picky, I know! And then an idea came to me! I seriously don’t even know where it came from. Normally I’m always imitating someone else’s idea, so I was amazed I can up with something on my own!

Sheriff Woody inspired cupcakes! Denim blue liners, egg yellow icing. Red plaid stripes and chocolate cowboy hats. So simple, yet so amazing. And I quickly found cowboy hat molds on Amazon. Even better!  I just love how these turned out!

Toy Story Cupcakes

Toy Story Cupcakes
Americolor Egg Yellow, Super Red

Next the sugar cookies. My son’s favourite character is Mr. Potato head.  So this was an easy decision! For custom cookies I either hand cut the cookies out with a knife with a cardstock cut out as my guide, or make my own cookie cutter.  Having to make 30, I made my cutter to make my life a lot easier later.  I just love how these turned out! Love love love! My son had never been happier to see a cookie before! Watch me make this cookie here on my YouTube cookie channel. Lots of fun. I could watch it over and over again!

Mr. Potato Head Sugar Cookie
Food Colouring with Americolor: Super Black, Dusty Rose, Super Red, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Warm brown, Egg yellow, Orange, Chocolate brown

Mr. Potato Head Sugar Cookie Mr. Potato Head Sugar Cookie

My last treats that I made were my chocolate caramel pretzel rods and chocolate covered marshmallow pops.  I’ll be honest, I make these for me.  I could eat the pretzel rods all. day. long.  Reasons why I have not lost the baby weight.  Recipe on those coming soon.  Mmmmm SO good!  And these treats not only went into the kid’s treat bags, but were given out to the adults at the end as well.  What adult doesn’t like getting favours too!

To stick with the theme I drizzled red and yellow wilton melts on the pretzel rods to be Sheriff Woody and purple and green on the marshmallows for Buzz! (This photo was on all the chocolate which is why the cowboy hats I made are in the picture).

Toy Story Treats
And to end this post, the loot bags!  Each bag contained:
-Toy Story Pez Dispenser (Woody, Buzz, or Jesse).
-Kit Kat and Smarties
-Sugar Cookie/Pretzel Rod/Marshmallow Pop
-Key Chain Etch-a-Sketch (Fully working!  I found these on Kijiji for $1 each, in store the sold for $8 each, woo deal!)

Toy Story Loot Bag
I was so happy with how this party turned out.  And I was able to spread out my baking and not go crazy leading up to it.  Anyone else throwing a Toy Story Party?

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Olaf Time Lapse Sugar Cookie

Just a quick share to show my recent time lapse video.  I am not in love with the black mouth (even my son said he didn’t like it!)

But instead of hiding this away, I thought it would be good to share that everyone makes mistakes, and I still have lots to improve on in the cookie world!

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