I love having parties.  Any excuse to bake, I’m happy.  I won’t sleep the week prior, but really I’m used to not sleeping anyway.  The more little people we now have in our home makes baking and decorating in the day next to impossible, so I stay up way too late.  But really, I enjoy the quiet.

As my daughter is now 2 she has a big personality, and the current obsession is Winnie the Pooh! I had so much fun planning this party.  I LOVE being a Pinterest mom for parties.  That’s pretty much where it starts and stops for me on pinterest.  And the best part is I do it on a budget.  So while it may look expensive, really it mostly just cost me my time.

I found a cake on Pinterest I loved and wanted to try and copy.  This is my third cake I have ever made.  I’m enjoying the process of working on one cake instead of making the same fondant topper over and over again.   For covering cakes I like to make marshmallow fondant for 2 reasons.  1.  It’s cheaper.  2.  I like the taste better.  Really simple too!  Upcoming post on how to make that!

Winnie the Pooh Cake

Winnie the Pooh CakeNext we have the sugar cookie favours.  As I did not make these ahead of time I felt a bit rushed with them.  I like my Winnie the the Pooh, but I would redo piglet.  I made my own cookie cutters as I couldn’t find the right size I wanted.  I also made some “Tigger Tails” (Chocolate caramel pretzel rods). Those were delicious!  I go a little overboard on the favours, but only because I love making them.

Winnie the Pooh Sugar Cookies

Winnie the Pooh Bee CupcakeFor the cupakes I made an assortment of flavours.  Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, and Lemon Raspberry.  I was on a huge Lemon Raspberry kick while preggo.  For the decorations I made various flowers left over from my cake, and small bees.  The bees were my favourite!

Winnie the Pooh Cupcakes

Winnie the Pooh Party FavoursFor the favours I found these pots at ikea for a couple dollars each.  How perfect!  I used a paint marker to draw the yellow honey on top.  Inside I added winnie the pooh bubbles (I got super discounted), stickers, and a small disney book found at Winners.  Each one cost about $3.50 to make.

And this year the birthday girl devoured the cupcake instead of trying to put it in my hair. 🙂  Thanks for visiting!


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